Version 4.x
Acronyms Master is a unique software tool that finds acronyms and their possible meanings (definitions) in Microsoft Word documents and creates a Table of Acronyms with organized search results.
The tool includes the following:
Black List: Includes acronyms that may appear in the document, but are excluded from the search and analysis results. For example, many documents contain capitalized acronyms like AM, PM, TBD, FYI, ect. These acronyms and definitions may be considered common knowledge by your audience and therefore excluded from the results table by entering them in the Black list before running the search and analysis.
White List: Includes commonly used acronyms and definitions that may cross cultures and industries, but may be needed to assist the reader's understanding of a Word document by including them in a documents acronym table, i.e., USA, GPS, GSM, IBM etc…
Project Lists: A set of White lists related to different fields or disciplines.

For Example:
Assume the writer is working in a projects oriented company or a freelancer that is working on different projects for different customers in various industries, i.e., law firm project, telecom company project and military project. Documents of all customers contain the acronym IP. For law, IP is Intellectual Property; for telecom, IP is Internet Protocol; and for military, IP is Intercept Point.
The writer may create three different Project lists: Law, TELECOM, Military. When the writer works on documents for the Law client, the writer enables the Law Project list and disables the Telecom and Military Project lists in order to improve results relevancy and decrease false-positives. Similarly, when the writer works on documents for the Telecom client, the writer enables the Telecom Project list and disables the Law and "Military Project list, etc.
There are two types of Project lists:
  1. User defined Project list: Created and managed by the writer using a combination of custom acronyms and definitions.
  2. Built-in Project Lists: A set of non-editable acronym lists (project lists) with more than 50,000 acronyms and abbreviations in the following categories:
  • Astronomy acronyms
  • Atmospheric Research acronyms
  • Chemistry acronyms
  • DoD acronyms
  • Medical acronyms
  • NASA acronyms
  • Telecommunications acronyms
  • US Government acronyms
  • US Military acronyms
Built-in Project lists come preinstalled with the product.
Acronyms Master is a learning tool. Black list, White list and Project lists are updated over time by the writer as the Word document evolves. This improves efficiency and results relevancy.