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Are you tired of manually maintaining Acronyms and Abbreviations lists in your documentation?
Let Acronyms Master automate the process for you!
Acronyms Master is a unique acronym management tool, serving...
. Technical Writers and Documentation Managers
. Proposal Managers
. Engineers and Programmers
. Scientists and Researchers
. Product and Project Managers
And anybody else who needs to use acronyms.
Acronyms Master is a useful tool which is meant to save your time as well as improve productivity and efficiency!
Acronyms Master:
. Analyzes the document
. Finds acronyms and their definitions (meanings)
. Generates list of acronyms and abbreviations
Acronyms Master is a must for anyone who deals with professional documentation

Acronyms Master key features

- intuitive, flexible interface.
Fast and Powerful Search Engine
- Acronyms Master does the job in seconds, even for large files.
Built-in Web search
- search the Internet for abbreviations.
Customizable Build-in Database
- customize acronym tables for different projects or customers.
Sharing Acronyms Database
- share Acronyms and Definitions data with colleagues.
Microsoft Word Integration
- launch Acronyms Master from Word toolbar.
Built-in database
- more than 50,000 acronyms and abbreviations.
Learning Tool
- you can increase your knowledge base every time you use it.
Affordable price
- gives an

The use of acronyms in technical documentation

Technical documentation today reflects the ever-increasing use of acronyms and abbreviations. This results from the proliferation of information, and the constant development of new and expanding generic and proprietary technologies.
A well organized and professional document contains an accurate reference description for every acronym used.

So what’s the problem?

Maintaining acronym is usually a laborious, time-consuming and error- prone process, and is often neglected due to time-constraints. Some documents do not even contain a list of acronyms. Others contain acronyms lists that have not been updated since the first version of the document was released.
In today's competitive world, accurate information is power, and documentation is a product differentiator.

Acronyms Master – the Writers' solution

We developed Acronyms Master with the needs of the writing function in mind.
It is a first and ultimate tool that solves acronym management problem.
Technical writers, documentation managers, proposal managers, marketing communicators, software and hardware engineers, project and product managers can all benefit from using Acronyms Master.
Acronyms Master allows Acronyms Data management on both personal and corporate levels:

Stand Alone Configuration Corporate Configuration

Perfect for all types of documentation

Whether you need to document a hardware system or software application, API reference manual, System Requirements Specification, Design Review or Marketing Requirements Document, Acronyms Master will enable you to build a comprehensive list of acronyms and descriptions quickly and efficiently.

This is an example of Acronyms and Abbreviations List generated by Acronyms Master for Word document:
List of Acronyms generated by Acronyms Master

Affordable price and immediate ROI

Acronyms Master comes at an affordable price that gives an immediate Return on Investment.
By using Acronyms Master you will save about one hour of your time for every processed document.
What’s more, your customers will notice the difference.
Acronyms Master puts you in control of acronyms list creation and ongoing maintenance, across different types of documents, products, projects and organizations.
Use less man hours on tasks which can be done in seconds and spend your time on more vital tasks.

Note  Note

The term acronym is widely used to refer to any abbreviation formed from initial letters.
Some dictionaries define acronym as an initial abbreviation that pronounced as a word, such as NASA, NATO or LAN. Initialism is a series of initials that pronounced individually (string of letters), such as GPS, FBI or GSM.
There is no agreement on what to call abbreviations whose pronunciations involves the combination of letter names and words, such as JPEG or MS-DOS. For the sake of simplicity, this distinction is not made through this website.

Here's what some of our customers have to say about Acronyms Master

I have purchased my license and am ready to activate the software.
I must say, I was very pleased with the way that Acronym Master performed. I was able to use it to compile a comprehensive listing of acronyms for a 900 page book (each chapter in a separate Word file) for network engineers, no small feat!  I was able to pick up the text for all 20 chapters, (nearly 500 unique acronyms) from the project file, paste the text into Word, and apply the book formatting. Your software was a tremendous asset to the production of this book.
Again, let me thank you for producing this little gem of a utility and for understanding the needs of independent contractors.

Mary Ellen Schutz
Gentle Editing® LLC

We produce large proposals that require acronyms lists covering 100+ pages. This program is awesome! I can’t believe I spent days searching through text the last time. Thank you again!

Danny Navon
Project Manager
Veraz Networks

I run a proposal group and one of our compliance issues is that we spell out all acronyms upon first use and never after that. We work in a highly technical area, and so have numerous acros. This program is a real time-saver.

Mark Brown
Senior Proposal Development Manager

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